The Power of the City Council

As a former city attorney, Janet understands what our government was supposed to be, responsive to the community needs as a whole. The City Council was to be the center of the process of governing by setting policy.

Economics in Government

The City Council needs to reset the policy direction of Sioux Falls. We are a growing city in need of a balanced approach to the growth. We need industry to help the financial stability of our tax base and especially our citizens have full lives with purpose.

Ethics & Transparency

I have been concerned by many recent events in Sioux Falls. We need to look deep into our policies and processes to make sure the city of Sioux Falls operates with ethics and transparency first. We can only succeed if everyone has an equal chance.


Stability of our city government

Sioux Falls uses sales taxes, fees and real estate property tax to fund infrastructure and services.

Infrastructure includes streets, water, sewer and parks we need every day. We should use these funds responsibly and with caution. We have seen questionable uses of these funds in recent years.

Services are a big part of Sioux Falls government. The police, fire, utilities, street and the park departments are operated by over 1,100 employees who show up to help make Sioux Falls work. As a City Council member, I will work to make their work responsive to you.

Plans for the future

I need to hear your ideas. There are many things I want to accomplish but we can only move forward when working together.


Next Steps...

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