Janet has the experience to get things done

Janet understands how Sioux Falls city hall is supposed to work.

Prior to owning the HoneyBaked Ham Co & Café she worked as a City Attorney under five different mayors:

  1. Rick Knobe,
  2. Joe Cooper,
  3. Jack White,
  4. Gary Hanson,
  5. Dave Munson.

Prior to this, Janet served for a time as a Minnehaha County Deputy States Attorney.

Janet is South Dakota

Janet understands our economy and life. She grew up in the small farm community of Doland, South Dakota before attending college and law school. She and her husband Jeff raised their family in Sioux Falls.

Janet's Unique Bio has prepared her for this moment

Next Step in Janet's life is...

to work with you to grow Sioux Falls responsibly. Click the Call to Action button to help us