Principle #1

No Nonsense Government

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Principle #2

Focus on Fundamentals

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Principle #3

Seize Opportunities

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We have important issues facing Sioux Falls.

How do we solve them? My three principles allow me to present specific programs to address them:

1) safer neighborhoods,

2) open & improved government

3) good paying jobs (not just "work force development"),

4) infrastructure management & development,

5) affordable housing.

You will be hearing more about these points and how they work as this campaign moves forward.


Janet is ready to get to work for you

Next Steps to help...

We need this city moving forward in an open and honest way. My vision only works with your help. My opponents are well funded. We need help to get our message out. Please help me be part of your effort to open up the city government of Sioux Falls to greater citizen participation.